The Fray Stops by

01-14-09  Due to the weather, The Fray performed for the Mix Lounge on stage in the Boston Ballroom at The Colonnade Hotel. We hope to have them back in the Summer for a performance at Boston’s only Roof Top Pool.
The Fray performed several songs including “How to Save A Life” and their new song “You Found Me”. This Denver band is a big fan of Boston and we’re certainly fans of theirs. It was a pleasure to host the Fray, who could not have been more gracious to the hotel and their fans.

It’s difficult to see but we noticed that one of the band members moved our signature yellow rubber duck above the Sony television in their Luxury Suite.

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The Fray: Isaac Slade, Joe King, Dave Welsh, Ben Wysocki

The Fray Sign Some Autographs

The Fray Sign Some Autographs

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1 Response to The Fray Stops by

  1. Mark O'Toole says:

    Love the Fray. Good score, Chris!

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